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H2Row Classic


(may not be shown in art work - but is there on ALL production models of H2row shoes) 

The World's Most Rowed Shoe - Just $68.00

Introduced in 2002, the H2row Classic has become the world's most rowed shoe. Designed by rowers for rowers, the Classic provides the best combination of weight, performance, and durability available. Fits all North American boats without modification. Available in men's sizes 6 to 16 in black or white.

Women's Lightweight Boat Shoe

For Ladies

The only rowing shoe specifically made for women. Cut slightly different at the heel and midfoot to match the shape of a women's foot and guys with narrow feet. Women's sizes from 7 to 12. Got a lightweight women's boat? Get them out of those men's 12s now! This is the number one change you can make to improve boat speed. Only $68 a pair. Call the cops, cause that's a steal!

Call us for Volume Pricing

Remember, the more you buy, the more you save. For 8 pairs, the price is $65 per pair. If you need 16 pair, the cost will be $62 per pair. Need 32 pair or more, call us for a deal.

ELITE Sculling Shoe

The ELITE Sculling Shoe - Size 14 out of stock

The lightest, best-fitting rowing shoe available - period. Scullers asked for a shoe that is fully stitched, more comfortable, and lighter with two-strap fastening and a great color. Mission accomplished. The H2row ELITE Sculler combines a neoprene core for great fit with a leather forefoot and heel for durability. Cutouts provide more ventilation. Our 3/4-length molded sole fully stitched to the insole combines with an enhanced heel counter to provide maximum boat feel and control.  About a pound lighter than the expensive shoes from those other guys, the ELITE Sculler costs just $89.00.  Available in U.S. men's sizes 6 to 14.

Why a Different Shoe for Sculling (Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical)?

Sculling forces are different than those of a sweep boat. H2row Classic shoes are designed to resist lateral forces common in sweep rowing. The ELITE Sculler sole is designed to provide enhanced feel to the scullers who use their feet on the recovery to subtly prepare the boat for the next stroke.

Who Should Buy These?

Recommended for rowers putting shoes in a boat that they row exclusively who are looking for improved performance and comfort.

Who Shouldn't Buy These?

If you have people of different foot sizes rowing your shell, or store your boat outside - try  our 2-strap model instead. 

Club Model Shoe

Club Model Shoe - $77.00

A neoprene-based, open-toed sandal perfect for crews where many different people row the same shells. Shoes adjust to fit a span of about four sizes, providing a great rowing experience for a wider range of athletes.  Awesome for open water rowers.  Available in two sizes. Small is designed to comfortably fit sizes 8 to 11. Large accommodates sizes 10 and up. Bolts right in to your current boat. Set your toes free!

Hey, I own a rowing shoe company, and have samples of every rowing shoe available. I beach launch, and this is the shoe I’ve rowed every day for the past eight years. Enough said?

Dock Socks

Dock Sock - $16.00

Need to wade in? Fuss with shoes on the dock? We wear these neoprene dive socks from the car to the dock and into the boat.

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